Crisis and Risk Management
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Crisis and Risk Management


How prepared are you for making the big decisions necessary to help steer your business/organisation through a crisis? How prepared is your senior leadership team?
What is your organisation’s attitude to risk? Do you see risk as problems or opportunities?
How often is risk discussed in your meetings and daily work? Do you have an organisational risk register? How often is it reviewed and updated?

How many companies consider people risks such as skills shortages or inability to recruit, develop and retain a suitably skilled workforce?

Risk management does not have to mean risk aversion, risks can be used as opportunities to change the way the business is run and to grow the business. One thing I am sure of is that risk cannot be ignored if an organisation wants to be resilient and grow.

What about when a crisis does occur? How ready are you to meet the demands placed upon you?

I have worked in risk management all my adult life from top end risks at fires and other emergencies to business risks (from pandemics to lack of succession planning and everything in between).
I can help you and your business to identify and make plans for all the foreseeable risks that you might face

If you would like to know more, please get in touch; I offer consultancy and training tailored to your organisation to help you and your staff to understand what personal and organisational skills are needed to plan, prepare and lead through difficult times. I also work with the senior leadership team to draft plans and procedures for dealing with crisis moments.