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Performance Management


How well is performance managed in your organisation? Are people helped and developed in order to give their best or do they just have to get on with their job and make the best of it? What targets are they set? How are these monitored? How is feedback given?

Is performance management just a bureaucratic process that you have to attend to once in a while or do you use your performance management to really drive creativity, efficiency and effectiveness?
If designed and developed properly, good performance management can help your organisation to identify, develop and promote talented people, it can help ensure good levels of staff motivation which in turn lead to job satisfaction which then helps you to keep staff turnover costs down.

Good performance management processes also offer the organisation a wealth of data and information that can be used to drive organisation wide improvements.

However, the process is only part of the picture; to manage performance well you need to have, or develop, really good interpersonal and communication skills. These are especially important if a conversation about underperformance is needed – those are the times when a good leader really earns their money.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch; I offer consultancy and training in performance management, what it is, how to ensure that it gets carried out efficiently and effectively and how to roll out a performance management system across an organisation.